Knowledge is knowing that Frankenstein is not the monster.

Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein is the monster.

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DALEK 1: Give your information!
BARBARA: Right. This revolt is timed to start almost immediately. As in the case of the Indian mutiny, which I am sure…
DALEK 1: Indian mutiny? We are the masters of India!
BARBARA: I was talking about Red Indians in disguise! The plan will run parallel with the Boston Tea Party. Naturally, you already have information about this.
DALEK 1: Wait! Why have I not been informed of this?
DALEK 2: There has been no information.
BARBARA: Good! That means the first part of the plan is a success. Now, I warn you, General Lee and the fifth cavalry are already forming up to attack from the north side of the crater. The second wave, Hannibal’s forces, will of course come in from the Southern Alps. The third wave…

This is one of my favourite Barbara moments in The Dalek Invasion of Earth - well, in any story, really. She’s alone, separated from her friends, working as a slave in a mine, but she doesn’t give in - she talks her way into an interview with the Dalek commandant and feeds it false information, drawing on her knowledge of history to spin a fairy story that’ll keep the Daleks occupied as a distraction for her ally Jenny to sabotage their systems. It may not be as obviously badass a moment as when she drove a truck through a line of Daleks as if they were so many skittles, but I love it anyway, every time I watch it, because this is Barbara playing to her own strengths, using the only resource available to her - her knowledge and creativity - to do whatever little she can to free Earth from the Dalek invaders, whatever the cost. It very nearly costs her life, but she takes that chance willingly, without hestitation, because she believes the chance is worth taking just for the chance to save everyone else. A true hero.

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So, having grown up with Wally as Flash in the DCAU, I felt the need to research Barry because he’s Flash in the new CW series. I’d been meaning to do it for a while, but things kept coming up.

But I finally got around to doing it today.

And I just…


This is right up there with “forgetting to put your mask on” in terms of silly ways to have your secret identity revealed.

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I’m gonna play the devil’s advocate here (I’m not entirely convinced myself):

  • Companions who visited Gallifrey before understood spoken language so either all the Gallifreyans they met spoke English/the companion’s native language for the companion’s benefit or there was some technology installed on Gallifrey that translated Gallifreyan to visitors (which I admit would be weird as Time Lords tended not to approve of strangers as a rule).
  • Clara didn’t understand them but she knew where she was because she recognized the barn. That dialogue was there for us, the viewers.
  • It’s another plot hole ignored by the writer for the sake of drama (and as a big fan of continuity, this irritates me.)
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