Gavin and the Leviathans – Or Abaddon’s last evil deed


Gavin, son of Fergus Roderick McLeod, also known as Crowley. The Leviathans, one of God’s first creations that were sealed in Purgatory. Believe it or not the two have a connection, namely one causing the other. Let me explain.

In 9x21 King of the Damned Abaddon travels back in time and takes Gavin to the future. By this Gavin is saved from his death, makes it up with his father and stays in modern time.


"The lore all says the same thing. You change any one thing in the past, the ripple effect impacts everything that follows."

Sam – 9x21

So Gavin didn’t go back to his time. How does this one thing cause a ripple effect?

If Gavin doesn’t go back to his time, he won’t die. If he doesn’t die, he won’t be a ghost. If he’s not a ghost, he won’t be able to summoned by Bobby in 6x04 Weekend at Bobby’s.


If Bobby doesn’t summon him, they can’t make Crowley to change Bobby’s deal. (Even if Gavin was sent back and died, they can’t use him against Crowley since he doesn’t hate him anymore.)

If the deal doesn’t change, Bobby would die in ten years. If Bobby would die in ten years, he won’t die in 7x10 Death’s Door.


That’s a good thing, right? Bobby would be still alive and kick some sense into those idjits. Nope. As cruel as it sounds, this is the worst thing that could happen. Because if Bobby doesn’t die, he won’t be a ghost.


If Bobby’s not a ghost, then Sam, Dean and Charlie will die by the hands of Dick.



If our heroes die, the tablet will be in the hands of the Leviathans along with Kevin, nobody will know how to kill the Leviathans and it will be the end of the world.

So if our heroes don’t send Gavin back to his own time to die hating his father, then we have to face an Apocalypse of the Leviathan kind.

Abaddon, you evil bitch. And you don’t even know what ripple effect you caused. You would be proud of yourself.

Supernatural Gavin MacLeod

sam winchester meme: favorite friendship [sam/jody]

Do I have to use my mom voice?”

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Supernatural Sam Winchester Jody Mills

I think you’re probably nice. Underneath it all I think you’re kind and definitely brave…


I think you’re probably nice. Underneath it all I think you’re kind and definitely brave

Doctor Who Into the Dalek Journey Blue Danny Pink Rusty The Doctor Twelfth Doctor quotes
"So, uh, who makes you smile? Or is nobody up for the job?"
"My brother. But he burnt to death a couple of hours ago, so he’s really letting me down today."

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Have you ever killed anyone who wasn’t a soldier?

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Doctor Who Into the Dalek Danny Pink gif Fleming quotes


The fact that now The Doctor has gotten a bit older and they made such a big deal about him not being Clara’s boyfriend, they decided that Clara NEEDS a love interest.

Danny Pink seems like he will be a great character but come on, it was one of the things that made Donna great, no love interest, just friendship

Doctor Who Into the Dalek Clara Oswald The Doctor Twelfth Doctor Danny Pink Donna Noble